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medical intuition

This is for those who want to live true to their authentic self for their higher well-being.

Why You are interested in MEDICAL INTUITION….

The process: A whole body, biofield and emotional medical intuitive scan, evaluation, therapeutic energetic treatment, and suggestions.

What this does for you: The symptoms we associate with the disease are merely by-products of this deeper energetic struggle. These symptoms provide valuable insights on how to assist our Vital Energy Force in correcting rather than containing its imbalance. Releasing what is not serving you is the first step to a clear mind & body.

Kelly Dolson RN (CC/OR), BA, BASc, MSc, Neurofunctional Medical Acupuncture Practitioner, Practitioner of Animal Acupressure, Reiki Master & Practitioner for Humans/Animals, CCMT, CCSP, ANMRP.

HUMAN all welcome…

Your animal is welcome to join as a passive participant.

Medical & Emotional intuitive scan with Reiki & Chakra alignment.

Includes one of the following:
Tuning fork sound alignment.
Meridian opening acupuncture needles.
Bioenergetic frequency via microvibration.
Oracle card reading.
Messages as provided.

Available at Awaken Spiritual Store, Collingwood or Distance/Google Meets.

ANIMALS large & small…

They love energy work.

Medical & Emotional intuitive scan with Reiki & Chakra alignment.

Includes one of the following:
Tuning fork sound alignment.
Meridian opening acupressure.
Bioenergetic frequency via microvibration.
Messages as provided.

Available at your Barn, Awaken Spiritual Store, Collingwood or Distance/Google Meets.

Any of the above services can be booked as a stand along treatment.


Awaken Spiritual Store, Collingwood, 705-293-8811

Distance/Google Meets


416-799-0444  hello@healwellanimalcare.com


$111 plus HST includes /60 minutes
Payable E-transfer, Cheque, Cash.

Electronic Transfer to hello@healwellanimalcare.com

Debit and Credit cards are not accepted at this time.



My journey to Medical Intuition (Medical Medium) started in the black/white scientific world. I enjoyed a 25-year career as a Critical Care Registered Nurse in a downtown Toronto teaching hospital. Deciding to shift focus from the medical model to a preventative model I opened a Pilates & Rehab studio. The physical studio was open for 13 years and now operating by zoom for the dedicated clients who encouraged me to stay with them.

I shifted into the natural healing realm applying medical intuition/reiki, osteopathic/naturopathic/homeopathic methodology alongside manual, fascial & laser work. Simultaneously being grief stricken after the death of our Labrador Retriever my focus centred around understanding the non-physical world of vibration, frequency, quantum healing, source energy.

During Covid I made the decision to shift to my true love of rehabbing large and small animals alongside humans; post surgical, seniors and those who are simply run down. Drawing upon diverse practice methods provides physical and energetic remedies to work within both domains. Physical ailments originate as an energetic blockage and accordingly caring for both realms bring about the best outcome for the body and soul…. human or animal.





Mon/Tues/Thurs 11am-7pm
Fri 7am-5pm
Sat 11-4 / Sunday …. request

Outside of regular hours text/email to request


Services are not a substitute for medical or veterinary diagnosis; rather complimentary care.

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